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Friday, March 7, 2008

Focus Magazine update

Darth Violet

I mentioned last month the Focus Magazine I liked. Well I emailed the mag a couple of weeks ago saying that I liked it - an abbreviated version of the blog post essentially - and I actually got an email right back from the publisher of Focus, David Spivak. He thanked me for the letter and said he circulated the email to his editorial staff. He also shared with me some memories of Arnold Newman whom he knew well. He said he would like to publish my letter in the magazine. I agreed and was surprised as they don't have a 'letters to the ed.' section. But he has quoted readers before in his monthly column. Could be some free press I wasn't expecting.

He also offered to send me a copy of the next issue when it finished it's print run, and before it hit the stands in April. Pretty cool of him to do that and generous. I look forward to seeing it. According to the site it mails to subscribers March 14/08. I will be checking the mail for it frequently. :)


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