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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Dark Violets

Sweater Play, 2008

Where's the Big Bad Wolf?, 2008

In late May, I went out and shot some nice casual portraits with Violet on a very sunny Sunday afternoon. We found a forested location in the city quite close to her apartment where Where's the Big Bad Wolf?, 2008 and Sweater Play, 2008 were shot. Miss Mary contributing to the title of the former. :) I found the lighting in the trees was quite pleasant and even from the high canopy and Violet's new short hair - something I have not seen on her in many years - suited the feel of time images nicely.

Seeing the forest through the trees, 2008, also shot in the same location, was inspired by Violet who saw the gap in a couple of narrow trees and thought it might work well. Shooting that with flash (even diffused like I do) can often be a challenge as the narrow gap can cause shadows on the subject, or the shadow from being on the far side of the trees itself can cause complications. I had her positioned just about the right distance from the trees and dropped down the flash output sufficiently - I think.

Seeing the forest through the trees, 2008

We drove to a second location in the North part of London where the snake was found that I have posted previously. The ruins were quite cool in spots though not the most secluded anymore as there was a well used bike track nearby.

Leaning in ruins, 2008

I decided when doing post production that three of the last sequence of images, all shot in a wrecked farm building foundation doorway, could be composited into a multiplicity sort of shot. Usually if I try this, such as with my brother's image, I plan ahead ahead and use a tripod to make combining them easier. But this was done as an afterthought.

Luckily I didnt change my vantage point or adjust the zoom. There were some minor differences though: even leaning forward or back or shifting your weight from one foot to the other can radically change things in shots like this. The composite work was done in PS with layers. And the result looks a bit like a CD cover I think. Someone asked me if they were a band, or at least a very cool group of friends. I think so. :)

The Dark Violets, 2008

Oh and while I don't mind sharing techniques and such - or pointing you in the right direction, don't bother asking specifically where they were shot. I put time and effort into my research and leg work and reap the rewards from that - most of the time. :) Do your own research. It's much more satisfying. :)

Hair, makeup and styling: all done by Violet.
Photos and post work by myself.


Mike Wood Photography

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