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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

July 1st, Canada Day

Red and White, 2008

Canada is 141 years old today - or just about 100 yrs older than me.

I wanted to shoot some Red and White in honour of the day - and use the the same shirt I have shot Meaghan and Andrea in over the last couple of years. I felt the combination of Violet's fair skin, her trim athletic body, the colours of the Roots Olympic warm up shirt, and the lush green of the river location would make for a great combination.

So we packed off to a secret remote location somewhere up the Zambezi River in Botswana - OK not really - and shot for about 45 minutes. It was quite warm outside - around 28C, and the river, due to the heavy rains in the previous couple of days, was deeper than I wanted it to be. So getting to a small island was not practical - especially carrying a camera and trying to keep Violet dry.

Red and White Collar, 2008

Over the Top, 2008

We ended shooting in a slower moving section and on a secondary island and the shots turned out pretty much as I envisioned. Violet looked awesome in the two different sets of briefs and posing with the river background. And while fast flowing, the water was warm. Certainly a pleasant change from standing in glacial cold spring run off like I have done in the past. Another welcome surprise was that there were no mosquitoes. There were quite a few tiny black flies, but the really didn't bother us too too much.

She Can, 2008

She Can too, 2008

ADA, 2008

Walking back up to the road where we parked the car, we saw a strange middle aged Asian couple that seemed to be collecting something in a large Rubbermaid container from the edge of the river. Not sure if it was animal or vegetable they were after... but it made me wary of going out to dinner anytime soon. Perhaps watching too much of Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares show doesn't help either. :)

Happy Canada Day Everyone. :)


Mike Wood Photography


Adam said...

Happy Canada Day indeed. Your photos make me want to do some outdoor shots. We have some marvelous limestone quarries in the area. I'm only lacking a model!

Great stuff as always. You were dead on with the color combinations. I think the final picture is great. It's one of my favorite types to shoot. I love leaving something to the imagination!

Mojo said...

Niiiice series!
(and yes... she can)