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Friday, April 3, 2009

Contact 09 info now available

Contact 2009 has updated the page with current information. And according to Bunmi Adeoye from Contact's press office who responded to an email of mine,
The CONTACT magazine is slated to come out on April 15th. It will be available at the CONTACT offices located at 80 Spadina Avue, Suite 310 in Toronto, at the 220 CONTACT venues across the city, at magazine and bookstores across the country, and internationally at Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounges.
The price for the magazine is $7 - but it is usually free at all venues.

The site has information on the hundreds of venues under the Open Exhibitions and can be nicely sorted by type of venue too. Time to plan. :) Still need a map to plot things out tho. Too much to see in one day.

One interesting item under the programs link, is that TVO is going to have a month of photography programming during May. At least thats how I interpret the info. It could be that they are having screenings at the TVO offices in Toronto too as there is a Mapquest link. Tons of really good stuff including episodes of "The Genius of Photography."

May could be a really good month to get yer photography on. :)


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