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Friday, April 24, 2009

Marilyn Monroe episode of American Masters

Marilyn Monroe in Manhattan, 1955, © Michael Ochs/Corbis

Very late last night, I watched episode 61 of the American Masters series on PBS. This one was Marilyn Monroe: Still Life. Fantastic. Documented her life in photos from the beginning till towards her decline in about 1961.

A really wonderful series of images, narrative, and interviews with photographers, assistants and friends interlaced with a chronology of gorgeous imagery and behind the scenes video on set and elsewhere like when she rode into MSG in NY on the top of a pink elephant for a children's charity.

One of the many photographers who captured something of Marilyn on film during her life highlighted in the episode was American Michael Ochs, who shot the above iconic image of her on the rooftop of the Ambassador Hotel in NYC in March 1955.

Hard to beleive she died when she was just 36.

If you like MM, it's a great hour of TV.


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