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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Black Dress with Water

 Black dress and water #1, 2010

Trying to convince myself I still can shoot and edit (it has been a while, and computer challenges make it really difficult), and psyching myself to hopefully do a quick shoot this week, I delved into my archives and came across some shots of Miss Lizzz that I had not touched before. They were the part two of the An Umbrella Corp Summer pics from the fall of 2008. Which seems like an eternity ago. 2008 was my most productive year in terms of sheer number of shoots and people worked with, and I had some extras I never edited.  The Umbrella pics were so cool from that day I felt the shoot was satisfying enough to not edit more.

For those who have not worked with me before, on creative shoots at any rate, I try to select and then do post on about 5 or so relatively unique images. I am baffled when I see someone post 100 images from a photoshoot that are nearly identical except for a slight angle or shift in perspective. I mean, what's the point unless you are using it as a contact sheet type of gallery to show the subject what you did and then they can pick. But why share that with the world? It dilutes the work. It could make viewers think you can't decide what is the best. Anyhow, it's not what I do.

Black dress and water #2, 2010

These last two have a different vibe than the first two in the series. Shot at much more of a down angle and not crouched down close to the water line; she in deeper water, with me in the water this time but on a raised sandbar (as far as I remember I was standing in water and not too deep);  and the sun, well, being the sun. This was with a polarizer on too, but was shot with the sun directly in front of me - as opposed to being roughly 45 degrees to camera right in the first two. Our placement dictated by the underwater landscape as much as anything.  Used a fill flash too.

Black dress and water #3, 2010

Black dress and water #4, 2010

Shot in Lake Erie, September 2008. I wouldn't put someone in the lake in winter. Well yeah I would. but then I would probably get cold too. Been there, done that. :)



makeupbymissy said...

i love the colours in these.

Jasmine said...

The first two are just gorgeous.

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