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Friday, July 2, 2010

Maybe I need night vision goggles

Really Tired

I find I don't like driving at night anymore in the countryside.

It's strange in a way because I have traveled great distances around Canada in the dark. In fact I used to prefer to drive late in the evening on lonely stretches of roads.  Something about being enveloped in a cocoon of darkness that was comforting.

Recently I just find I don't deal with the glare of on coming headlights too well out in the country. Getting old I suppose.  Then I see, just the other night, two young raccoons get run over on a country road just a car or two in front of me. Tumbling and legs flailing as one passed to the side of  me and the other under me. They are still there dead  on the road today. Last week, I narrowly missed a wild turkey and couple of lil turkeys (whatever they are called) as I went around a curve.

There are Buddhist monks that won't go out for walks in the rainy season because they don't want to step on all the forest creatures like worms that appear on their paths in the rains. I'm not taking taking such a drastic measure, but perhaps its better I don't potentially injure some innocent little guy just by heading out n about in the dark with no purpose in mind. Good thing there are no moose randomly licking highways around here. And I can't remember the last time I saw a deer on/near the road.

Hate to say this, but I look forward to snow brightening things up at night and putting lots of the furry critters to bed.



Mojo said...

Okay first, I love the photo. Second, you'll change your mind about the night vision goggles the first time a pair of those dazzling headlights hits ya.

I feel your pain on the night driving score though. My girlfriend lives well beyond the municipal limits of the town her mailing address says she lives in, and as a consequence I find myself frequently driving a narrow two-lane late at night. This in an area where deer, not ninjas, rule the night. I'm always worried I'll end up with a Bambi hood ornament between her house and the lights of Carrboro.

PS: Happy Belated Canada Day

Mike Wood said...

I have used NVGs and thats true. Even a small flashlight can blind you - much like people with highbeams on out in the country. :) Narrow twisty two lanes are not pleasant. Deer aftermath is much worse than anything though and I have seen that in the Rockies. Have a good 4th weekend Mojo. :)