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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Leia's new curve

Leia on the Bridge #2, cropped

Leia is expecting a new kidlet in the fall. As she was only at 26 weeks, but already sporting an awesome belly, we thought we had better get on shooting something before it might be too challenging for her to tromp around the countryside with me. We set a day, and this was shot a couple of weeks ago (later on in the day from the A & W Jerrika photos. The day had turned 180 degrees from then though. In the early morning it was sunny, clear and warm. By the time the afternoon had come, there were rolling thunderstorms, super high humidity, heavily overcast, and a miserable amount of mosquitoes. And I had this idea to shoot in a river...  Best laid plans... :)

After looking at the river, the river plan was out: dark brown from rain churned silt and mud, too many reeds and plants to get through and was now too deep for what I had in mind. We shot nearby. But very quickly the weather was getting the better of us. Every time I put camera to eye, my breath would fog up either the eyepiece or my glasses. Sweat was getting in my eyes. The mosquitoes were certainly putting us off our game having to swat them all the time. And apparently they like pregnant blood a lot... But we got some cool photos. I am glad we were able to salvage some of the day. :)

Hanging out with and shooting Leia is always good fun. And as that day proved, always an adventure. :)

After the break (if reading on the blog), images are NSFW and contain nudity.

Leia at 26 weeks, #1

Leia at 26 weeks, #2

On the above two images I wanted to try something different and applied an aged photo texture layer.  They are courtesy BittBox on Flickr. It wasn't something I had ever done before, and while it was fun to play around with, I think they are a bit too time consuming to do regularly. And besides, I am not a digital artist. :)

Leia on the Bridge #1

Leia on the Bridge #2


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