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Friday, October 22, 2010

Kait in the window

Kait had her ink finished in the end of August. On the same day I shot Jen in the uniforms, I photographed her new side tattoo in Jen's living room. She hadn't done anything nude like this before, but like my last set with her, when she got in the zone it was quite easy to shoot. I played around with a couple of different processings in Lightroom. The ink looked incredible up close. Given she is a hair stylist, her pinup, complete with holding a hairdryer in one hand, was perfect.

Following images contain nudity and are NSFW.

I don't do cut outs often, but when I did it on the ink, it stood out nicely against her awesome fair skin so I left it as is. She liked the result. And that's what is important. :)

Kait has moved away now, but I hope we can get together and shoot again when time permits.


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