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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

End of Winter or End of Fall II

Part two of the images photographed last fall of a pool cover with leaves on it. Part One is here. These looked different than the first group as the cover for this section of the pool was pushed deeper underwater and had no air bubbles on the surface. Curiously this was in the shallow end.

Leaves which had not managed to blow away, were resting on the submerged cover for the most part. The angle I shot them at was from the other side of the pool from Part One. More into the sun with a circular polarizer to reduce the water reflection and get some underwater detail.

This last shot, heavy on the black, happened because the sun had shifted enough while photographing that a small corner of the pool was no longer in direct sunlight and was  now shaded by a building. There was something about the pair of leaves heading into the void that I liked.

Other than the black and white, contrast, etc., nothing else was done to any of these shots. That's why, in some case, the debris and dust flecks are visible on the surface of the water. I could have cleaned them up in post, but I thought leaving them in added something. It was a dirty pool after all.


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like your photography very much - very good eye.