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Sunday, July 22, 2007

As the pipes play Reveille

Pipers at the Gates of... the Market

To go along with the soon to be launched , I decided to created a new blog and let the other one die a quiet death. I have had it since March of 2003, and it was my first foray online. It was my first attempt to get out here and see and be seen.

It predated my flickr page, my Myspace, my DA... well the list goes on. It certainly predated my interest in photography though it followed me along nicely as I took a stab at it. It was part link dump and part online journal and part whatever I felt like posting. And now and then had more than just a few readers.

Mike Works4Bandwidth had 1868 posts - including this soon to be cross posted one. I re-branded it to W4B Photography's companion blog this spring to more reflect my current interests. It has been part of my online identity for more than four years. W4Bphotography - the name of my flickr page, and the one to this point on my business cards, was a contraction of the work4bandwidth name. It's easy to Google and it sounds good, but it doesn't really identify me as me, and I found I was always answering whether it was 4 or for or four in the address or flickr URL for people. :)

Besides, after four years of tinkering and tweaking and mucking about with the work4bandwidth profile template, it wasn't 100% working anymore. The archives are no longer visible for instance, the page counter is broken, and there are way too many dead links. Wouldn't be impossible to fix, but it is time to let it go.

An additional wrinkle was that there is a soft porn site in Europe that uses W4B in it's signatures on it's pictures and so on. My doing pics and their doing 'em was eventually going to clash somewhere down the road. I predate it, and it was unique in 2003. Not so much now. And they would have lawyers. :) So, while I could have made a domain that was or .com I decided to get one with my name in it. I toyed with lots of clever photo related names and things, and a simple was already taken, so I settled on

To simplify the blogging business (I currently cross post to myspace, sometimes facebook and my facebook group, and, and used a LJ profile as well briefly), and to tie the domain and a single blog together, I decided to create this one. . Lengthy, but easier to remember and spell. Hopefully. :) I will still post to the other spots like FB and MS, but given they have restrictions on content, I can't always upload full posts there. So I may resort to abridged versions, or notifications of posts here.

Not trying to pigeon hole this one with it's name, but the orientation of this blog will be photography: Posts about some of the shoots I do, the challenges and fun of being a photographer, and of course some of my photos. It will also be some of the stuff the old blog had too. It will be part online journal ( though not all the dirty details some people feel free to put online), and part link dump to other interesting things I find I want to talk about. Like the Tour de France for instance.

I enjoy writing and it was my first love before photography. I am quite rusty, but still verbose it seems (as I glance up...). I want to post more than I have done recently, but not as much as the 20-30 items a week like I managed some weeks like back in 2003-4. Doing shoots and editing, I just don't have time for that anymore.

So... Welcome. Updates to follow.

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