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Sunday, August 5, 2007

to the A**hole...

To the a**hole who thought he or she would express their politics by taking my magnetic ribbon from the back of my car in the Chapters parking lot at Masonville this afternoon: F*ck you!

I don't piss in your cornflakes because you have a decal I disagree with on your car - or decide to remove it. Perhaps I should let it ride because you have the cleverness of an immature 10 year old (perhaps you were just a punk and your parents dropped you on your head?) Maybe it's just that you don't have the balls to speak to someone directly when your opinion differ?

I purchased that ribbon in Alberta at the Canex on CFB Suffield during the return leg of my vacation out West. It was one of the very few mementos I purchased while out there. And it's not like I can just pop back there and get another one just like it. (Yes I know they exist around here somewhere but that's not the point).

Respect other people's property. And respect my right to express my opinion.

You don't F*ck with someone else's car. Period.


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Stephen said...

A pointless action by someone too lost in their own self righteousness to understand the difference between supporting a war and supporting the brave Canadians who are away from their families.
Unless someone wanted so badly to show their patriotism that they needed to take your magnet to put on their car. Unlikely but still on can hope.