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Saturday, August 4, 2007 now live!

After some late night coding and tweaking some issues with how the mailform works with firewalls, went live today! The site was created for me by Jesse Cablek and I could not have done it myself - well not without huge amounts of frustrations and probably giving up! Many thanks Jesse! :)

It will be, like most things I have online, a work in progress and we are going to be refining image loading, navigation and some of the content. is primarily a business oriented site for clients to contact me, and gallery content will be updated regularly but not with the same frequency or on the same scale as say my Flickr page. There will be obvious parallels with the images on both pages, the blog and on Myspace and FaceBook too, but they are essentially different audiences.

Along with the change with the domain, I am trying to consolidate any photography related emails and such to the one listed on that page not so much with the work4bandwidth one. If you use that one, feel free to continue to do so as it is one of my personal email addresses, but I am trying to have all new modelling and photography related communications go through the mikewoodphoto [at] gmail (dot) com address. This also goes for the facebook or myspace emails that are photography related.

One challenge with both sites are that a lot of companies and government bodies block them. If I need to get in touch or you need to message me and you only have my FB profile or email then we can be stuck. Back and forth chit chat and such is fine on FB, but being able to email you at a real address is important too. Less gets lost in the shuffle and so on. Besides I can easily check my Gmail from my phone if needed on the road. And FB/myspace is a hassle to do that way. :)

So. Finally the domain is up. Can concentrate on photography again. I know it's all part of the game, but being behind the lens is where I prefer to be. :)

+action photo by Mike Hodgson, London, Aug 03/07 (BW post by me)

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Leanne said...

Site looks great Mike.... I will be spreading the word/k :)