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Thursday, March 20, 2008

President McCain?

On the weekend while editing pics and having a morning coffee, I listened to the third hour of Michael Enright's Sunday Edition program on CBC Radio One. He was interviewing author and journalist Matt Welch who has written the biography "McCain: Myth of a Maverick"on US Republican Senator John McCain . I am Canadian, so won't be voting either way, but up till that interview, a good deal of what I had heard to sway me on Sen. McCain were the likes of pundits Jon Stewart and Stephen Cobert demonizing him for the most part. And still the best news on US TV. :)

I was more in Senator Barack Obama's camp - were I to pick one. But in the '80s I was firmly a fan of President Reagan. I even visited the Reagan Library in Simi Valley. That was a little under a year after his death and while on a drive from Santa Monica, California to the Grand Canyon in, ironically, Sen McCain's home state. After the current Bush however, I was fairly sure I couldn't be a fan of any Republican again - nor would anyone else...

But after listening to Enright's interview with McCain? I am not too sure really one way or the other. McCain is a much more interesting, and perhaps more capable man than I gave him credit for. Head to head with Senator Hillary Clinton I think he could win. Head to head with Obama? That's a tough call. A really insightful backgrounder interview and I look forward to finding the book and giving it a read.

No podcast of the CBC program yet. If I find one, I will link to it


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