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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mindy and the Weaver

Mindy and the Weaver, 2008

From April, 2008. A shot of Mindy looking out at the CJ Weaver as she passes the North breakwater and returns to Port Stanley from fishing - probably for yellow perch - on Lake Erie.

The CJ Weaver is a 15.8m, 89.19t gross tonnage diesel fishing tug built 1969 and fairly typical of the fishing vessels you see tied up in Port Stanley. Owned by Glen Weaver Fisheries Inc, Port Stanley, Ontario. On the north shore of Lake Erie.

I particularly liked how the breakwater bisected the image and provided a transition between the lake water blue and and wispy sky blue. The hoodie - which she needed to wear for warmth now and then over her Guess bikini, was an added and welcome splash of red in this shot.

I saw the fishing tug approaching from a good distance away and knew that having it in the shot would make a difference, but had a small angle that would work with for what I had in mind. So I set Mindy up where I wanted her, and pictured in my mind what line the boat would take as it passed between the breakwaters at the mouth of the Kettle Creek - and hoped the boat would actually go where I wanted it to!

This was the only shot even close to this composition that worked. Moving at 8kts isn't fast fast, but it is when you are trying to compose it and you don't have the cooperation of the crew who were unaware of what was going on... :)

From seeing the boat approach to shooting the image was probably only two or three minutes.


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