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Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Genius of Photography

If you are interested in a six part part series on the history of photography, you might want to watch the BBC4's The Genius of Photography (that page is out of date and lists info from last year).

I saw the whole series when it was on TV earlier this year, but this 3:04 length excerpt is a good example of what it has to offer. In it, Joel Meyerowitz, a noted NYC street photographer and Guggenheim fellow, talks about his craft and the use of colour. The whole segment with him was interesting: watching him walking around NYC shooting people was fascinating. Amazing seeing him scan a scene, size up it's potential, and rapidly compose and shoot was quite cool.

This Google video search comes up with a good selection of bite sized segments posted on Youtube and elsewhere from most of the episodes. IMDB doesnt seem to list any DVDs available for the series.

Thanks to GalleryHopper for posting that it was online. I had several episodes saved on my PVR before I returned it to Rogers last month and it was good to go through them again.


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