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Saturday, October 25, 2008

clever coat hanger laptop holder

From those interesting web clips that are on top of my Gmail (via Engadget first) came this from It's a fairly ergonomic design to hold your laptop to raise the screen higher up when using an external keyboard. The 'how to' steps are shown with a glass desk which confused my pre-coffee brain at first as it looks like it's attached to or hung on something, but it really is just bent into a shape to prop it up. Quite clever. Standard wire coat hangers would be fine for smaller notebooks and you might to have to hunt around for a real tough hanger for a larger framed desktop replacement. Maybe a motel one that doesnt have em permanently attached. But a heck of a lot cheaper than purchasing one.

Though the cool looking UK made Laptop Easel does look sharp too at £39. And if you look at the slide show here, it adjusts quite cleverly.


Mike Wood Photography

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