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Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

When Pumpkins fight back, #1, 2008

Be nice to yer pumpkins. Thats all I have to say.

When Leia asked me who I was going to shoot for a Halloween themed photo, I thought I would shoot her again - as I had shot her last year as well for a series of skull themed shots. And this would be only the second shoot with me since she had her baby in August. First one is still in postproduction.

I had an idea to do some nudes and wanted them to be different. I thought an image of a pumpkin biting a human and spewing seeds and guts might fit the bill. So I purchased three pumpkins and gutted them and saved the guts and seeds. Then I carved this one - which was the largest- and headed over to Leia's with Violet assisting me.

Even gutted, this pumpkin was quite heavy and uncomfortable as it was 3/4 resting on her lower back and bum with a row of pointy triangular teeth and the lower jack-o-lantern jaw was under her stomach and pelvis and not comfy either.

I set up a black backdrop with Violet helping out, and the only lighting came from my Gary Fong Lightsphere II.

One thing, pumpkin guts that have been in the fridge overnight are quite cold and given the shoot, were in some rather uncomfortable places. They do warm up rather quickly on skin contact but are a slimy mess to clean up. But I got coffee cake after, so she still likes me.

When Pumpkins fight back, #2, 2008

Happy Halloween folks.


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