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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

90 years on. Lest we forget

Crosses, 2008
Bay of Quinte, Ontario

Today is Remembrance Day. It has now been 90 years since the end of World War I. There is only one living Canadian Veteran of that war: 108 yr old John Babcock who joined the Canadian Expeditionary Force at the age of 15. Can you imagine anyone 15yrs old now signing up for that? Perhaps Army Cadets might if they were allowed... It's a different time though.

An 108yr old veteran. That may be the best indication that a hell of a long time has gone by. But not too long that we should forget. And it's not just the soldiers in sepia and black and white whose past sacrifices at Vimy and Amiens, the Yypres Salient and Passchendaele, Mount Sorrel and Flanders, that we recall today (and should often). This day is also for the Vets of WWII, Korea, Peacekeeping operations, and those currently serving in the mountains of Afghanistan and on ships at sea.

Lest we forget those on the thin edge of the wedge - past, present and future- and those who support em.


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