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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

consistency in a blog

CBC Radio's Spark has a series right now on building and designing an online presence. I am enjoying the series when I grab their podcast - though the bulk of it will be beneficial to newer bloggers who are trying to establish their first online web presence either for themselves, their fans or potential clients.

I posted on the Spark blog about keeping the online presence consistent. Specifically the importance of keeping an over all look. As is the importance of making navigation easy - don't add/delete/move page elements around all the time. Sticking to an established subject or three is ideal too. I even put it in my blog's sub title :"...Not totally photo related, but not completely a journal. A bit of both. Probably a little more. Sometimes a little less." you know what you get when you come here.

In terms of content, regular consistent posting is perhaps the most important thing you can do with a blog. It attracts readers and keeps them coming back - and keeps Google checking on you. My page rank has jumped a lot over the last 18months and I can be regularly found in the first few results depending on the keywords. Though the British MP with my name still wins out occasionally. ;)

I have found when shooting photos and not blogging as much or at all, my page views dry up - which is not surprising. But when I take the time to post every couple of days, it pulls people in. As does the cross posting to my Facebook page. With FB having the app that automatically pulls content from Blogger when I post here, it is bringing eyeballs over here too.

So, consistent posting on expected content or themes will keep readers. Jumping all over and not posting with any established frequency won't. :)

Though having something to say, or a nice picture to check out, doesn't hurt too.


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