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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Lizard shows it's true colours

Image © Jim Bourg / Reuters

I saw this last month on Rachel Hulin's blog in a post titled "What Makes a Great Picture and thought it was hilarious and appropriate to post today. It is John McCain acting like a lizard at the end of the last Presidential debate. It was shot by Reuters photographer Jim Bourg who blogged about it as well on his Reuters blog. He said he only had the chance to shoot two frames before the moment was over and only one other photographer - Getty's Emmanuel Dunand - caught the moment.

Reminded me of the episode of CSI where one of the victims/suspects played by Ally Sheedy was convinced that the world was ruled by lizard-like creatures. Now we have proof courtesy Bourg and Dunand. :) Now lets hope the Americans don't make this particular lizard their king today.


Mike Wood Photography

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