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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Time embedded in your computer wallpaper

image ©Vlad Studios

Jacob Bandes-Storch at Vlad Studios has come up with a small app that changes your Mac wallpaper each minute and embeds the time and date into it as it refreshes. Wallpaper Clock for the Mac pulls images from it's own gallery -such as the image above.

For me, I would rather it pull images (ideally landscape oriented ones) automatically from my own drives or folders I specify -say Lightroom exported images. I pretty much always have my own images as wallpaper on my machine now, and having the time overlayed on them would be cool. There is a way of manually creating .png images and having the app use them, but I have tens of thousands of images that it could randomly sift through, and it might come up with some that I have not seen in a while.

Either way, it's a cool way to change the screen up and do something useful and clever with CPU cycles.

via Unpluggd and William Spaetzel's google reader story.


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