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Monday, April 27, 2009

Portraits and Landscapes Exhibition stats

Homestead Vulcan County, AB, Canada, 2007

Although the title was somewhat spur of the moment when I was asked what the exhibition should be referred to as in the Artscape, Scene Magazine, etc advertising, I wanted to make an effort to balance between the number of portraits and landscapes I had at Williams.

So here are some numbers since I worked it out for myself.
  • 28 images in total
  • 19 are 8x10 or larger images
  • 9 are 5x7s
  • 4 in colour
  • 24 in black and white
  • 9 portrait orientation
  • 19 landscape orientation
  • 13 with people
  • 15 landscapes or non people images
Seems to be fairly evenly balanced. Though there is a slight balance towards the black and white. No idea why. :)


Mike Wood Photography

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