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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunny Saturday Scouting

Yesterday, on my last free day for a bit -well it shouldn't have been free as I have a lot of stuff to get done over the next five days with moving 'n the exhibition, I picked up Mallory and went down to Port Stanley on the Lake Erie shoreline and bought her a birthday lunch at the near century old Mackie's cafeteria style restaurant on the beach. It was the first Orangeade of the season too after a snaking Disneyland like 17 min lineup in the landmark beachfront restaurant. You would think it was summer or something already. :)

Later in the afternoon, I scouted a few new and useful locations that I hoped would be great for photos in the near future. I even shot a few frames here and there for possible inclusion in another potential exhibition in the fall. Finally, I topped it off with some preliminary discussions with a new model on using the new found locations in early May after I am settled in my new location.

I also managed to miss the rain storm that hit London while I was down there as it never really happened that far South. Heavy overcast and the Environment Canada radar looked brutal, but nothing more than a few sprinkles on the windshield.


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