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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Day after the Embassy Hotel Fire

Frontside, Embassy Hotel, the day after

I shot these this afternoon, in a light rain, the day after the Embassy Hotel fire that I posted yesterday/this morning. Dundas Street was still closed off to traffic East and Westbound between Elizabeth and English, but you could walk on the South sidewalk.

Not as much exterior damage as I expected, but you can see through some of the upper windows that the roof is gone, and I imagine from above it would look quite bad. Did black and white this time, just because it suited the mood of the place.

Still blocked off 20 hours later...

In the above image, in the right set of windows, the left pane looks like melted glass as opposed to the right one that is clearly shattered.


... and his disciples.

What light through yonder window broken...

Cutting for Jesus...

Red 7. Exiting the scene.


Mike Wood Photography

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