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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Embassy Hotel in London Burns

View from South side of Dundas, West of Embassy

The Embassy Hotel here in London burned last night. It had been closed since February pending demolition and conversion into 150 unit apartments or condos, it, like the Wick before it, went up in flames.

I went out n shot some images once I heard it was on fire and you could smell the smoke from as far as Adelaide south of Hamilton. At that point after 1030pm, the fire was down to hot spots and they were just dumping tons of water on it. There were six trucks, plus support vehicles and a St John Amb relief station for the firefighters.

Dundas was closed off from the Palace Theatre to English, English and Hewitt were closed in the blocks leading to Dundas and the rear of the Embassy was closed mostly as well. I couldnt get too close (aside from asking a seargeant to cross a police line once and he OK'd it due to the dSLR mainly I think), and the ISO was grainy and noisy, but here you go.

I circled the fire to see what I could get from multiple angles, but No flame visible in any of the shots. And in the back the smoke was rather heavy and it had little appeal to me to breathe in burned up crack needles and god knows what else, so I decided to leave eventually.

Ironically, I did a photoshot outside of the Embassy Hotel just last friday. I will post some of those when the model has received them all. I was probably one of the last people to shoot there.

View from rear close to Palace Theatre

Firefighter at rear of Embassy

View of rear of Embassy

View from corner of English and Dundas. East of Embassy.

View from close to Hewitt and Dundas.

View from close to Hewitt and Dundas.

View from close to Hewitt and Dundas.

Aerial ladder on Dundas Street above Embassy

View from close to Hewitt and Dundas.

View from close to Hewitt and Dundas.


Mike Wood Photography

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SC said...

Great shots of the scene, in particular the one of the lights on the aerial truck have almost a off world quality.