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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rural fog

Abandoned barn wrapped in fog, 2008

There was one day last winter, December 27th, 2008, to be exact, on which it was incredibly foggy here in London, Ontario. While we do get fog, and it causes all sorts of headaches when it is normal fog, this was like classic Pea-Soup-imported-from-our-namesake-in-the-UK fog.

After shooting a private event at the Civic Gardens complex, I went for a drive and photographed some farms properties on the outside edge of the city. I also did a couple of laps of the Woodland Cemetery - those will be in a subsequent post.

Bare tree in fog with snow, 2008

Old barn in fog with snow, 2008

Old farm buildings with distant silo, 2008

Uneven tree and foggy barn, 2008

Fog is a pain to drive in, but great for photos. :)


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