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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Blockr day, again...

© Mike Wood Photography
(Creative Commons image)

Everyday or couple of days, my Flickr-ing starts out with blocking at least a few accounts. My Flickr profile clearly says don't bother adding faves or friend requests if you have no pics and so on. They don't get it.

Therefore in March of '08, I took a moment to make that graphic. I know it won't help 100% but felt it couldn't hurt. Well, since then I have blocked a further 500 or so people who are image collectors or just have net porn on their accounts. Someone should research a likely a correlation of a lack of reading comprehension skills amongst that crowd...

So on what seems to be a three month cycle, I put my Blockr image back on top of my stream on Flickr. Today, it was in dishonour of my blocking my 850th grey collector - those generic iconless members on Flickr who just collect other people's pics but have none of their own. Or just have net porn. Or just have their own dangly bits on display - as I described it back then. Having really really nasty pics, and or adding me as a friend so I get to see close up and untidy dangly and undangly bits- sometimes in use with eachother - (often first seen while I am sitting in my fav coffee shop and checking out who is adding me) is pissing me off. NO PICS, and or NO ICON, and or FAKE PICS and or nasty n dangly = BLOCKING YOU. Not debating this.

Don't get me wrong, and I hope I am not being seen as hypocritical here. I shoot nudes. I have been known to look at them and be inspired by them. But I am not into looking at swingers pics etc. The artistic part of 'artistic nude' or 'artistic erotica' is sort of what I am emphasizing and what is usually lacking in badly lit, grainy, poorly composed and usually ugly pix... That along with image thieves, much like that site in Germany last week, annoy me.

I thought I blogged about this about 15 months ago when I posted it, the image above, on Flickr for the first time, but apparently not.

Feel free to copy and post the image in your streams if you are on Flickr. I was pleased to see the other day quite a few people are using it on their pages, and they are free to do so. It is the only image on Flickr of mine that is Creative Commons. All others are All Rights Reserved.

Seriously, who has between 10,000 and 50,000 favs and 10 pics purportedly of their own all uploaded one day 3 years ago? Really. If yer gonna make up an account on a photo sharing site, at least go through the motions....

(851 blocked now...)


Mike Wood Photography

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