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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Proof of kindness in the world

παιδικές γάτα (BabyKatt) and Alex

My friend Alex, who lives outside of Oslo, Norway, went on vacation with her family to the island of Chios in Greece last week. Great food and great weather. That much is to be expected when hanging out on a Greek island.

But then Alex does what Alex always does. She finds a poor little street kitten outside in the garage area of the Evas Studio Hotel (page sort of translated here via Google). Pretty much a new born and very sick. Lots of fluids coming from the nose, eyes crusted shut, very small, weak and not eating. She only saw it eat once from its mother in a couple of days because it likely couldn't breath through her nose while doing it. Alex thinks it was a she and named her BabyKatt.

She cleaned it up constantly, held her, tried to feed her, and took care of her for a couple of days while her family went to the beach and did other touristy things. She says it was too hot to go, and I believe her, but in her good kind hearted way, Alex stayed and took care of the kitten because that's what she does. And did it while on vacation in a foreign country.

For obvious reasons, she couldn't take the cat back with her on her return flight to Norway (as much as she wanted to). And given how weak it was, the fluid in the lungs/sinuses of the cat n so on, that likely wouldn't have been a good idea for her either.

Whatever the eventual outcome, Alex helped the little kitten have some comfort in its first days and we would like to think might have given her the extra bit of energy to get on with life. Or she might have helped it have some comfort and love in her first - and last - days.

If anyone happens by the Evas Studio Hotel, when they are in Great Limionas, on Chios, pop in and ask the manager if he took a cat to a vet in early June 2009. He said he would, but vet's are not that common over there and there is a good chance that didn't happen. And if you see a little kitten or cat that sort of looks like παιδικές γάτα, give it a scratch behind the ears and some food if its hungry. She would appreciate it, so would Alex.

If you are like me and not in that part of the world, say a little prayer for a sick tiny little kitten on the Greek island of Chios. GATE GATE PARAGATE PARASAMGATE BODHI SVAHA.

The world needs more caring souls like Alex.


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JenH said...

What I great story! I hope the kitty survived & has a happy life!