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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Greg Yarker from Blue Radio

Greg Yarker of Blue Radio

Went out last night and shot some of the opening set of Blue Radio (facebook group page) at the Eastside Bar n Grill on Hamilton Road here in London last night.

Greg Yarker and I used to work together a few years ago, and as his Blue Rodeo cover band was in town for a show I thought I would swing by. This seven person band really rocks. Close your eyes and at times its Jim Cuddy and Greg Keelor on stage and not Michael Thomson and Greg Yarker. Great sound. Not sure why I never caught them before, but was glad I did last night.

They went on at about 2215hrs and they were going to play 3 sets and 27 songs. I had to head out at the end of the first set for a meeting, but I shot a few frames for them including the one of Greg above.

Was a good sized, appreciative crowd at this country bar (and funny clacker/clapping hands they had there). Those of you who didn't go missed out on a good show.

If I am going to shoot more performance stuff, I need to invest in some ear plugs too... I thought I learned my lesson from shooting the Scarlet Sins at the Bovine in Toronto, but apparently not. :)


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Greg Yarker said...

Wow! Great shot, Mike!
Again, thanks for coming out to the show. We had a great time making our debut here in London. Wherever we play we always have fun on stage. The guys in the band are definitely my family away from home and I was so glad to bring them to my hometown and to my bar! Glad you enjoyed the performance. We did, too!