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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Gun Range

Thats me yesterday on the 100m range at the East Elgin Sport Shooters Assoc. shooting a Czech made Vz.58 firing Warsaw Pact ammo from 1970.

That was the first time firing an assault rifle on a range in quite a few years. But after the first couple of rounds, I was like 'I remember that smell. Not much different than an FN..."

I managed to hit the target 'gongs' at 100m a few times once I got dialed in. I would imagine with a bit more practice I would be back to my old self. Later we went to the indoor range and I shot a 40cal Sig, a 9mm, and also a 357Magnum. First time firing a revolver too. That is some beast... :P

Managed to dispatch several pieces of paper which were threatening me. Thoroughly ventilated they are.

Thanks to Ian for inviting me and letting me fire off a few rounds from his weapons. Great stress reliever. :)


Mike Wood Photography

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