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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lizzz's Quarry

The Quarry #4, 2009

My beautiful friend Miss Lizzz. Shot near dusk in an abandoned, partially overgrown quarry near London last month.

We arrived so close to sunset, and we wanted some shots with these lovely wild flowers at the far end of the quarry while they were still in the sun. We barely managed to get some before the golden light was gone - hence the varying light temp in the shots. And too quickly the sun disappeared below the thin ridge of clouds on the horizon, and then below the edge of the quarry - despite my shaking my fist at Copernicus and his De revolutionibus orbium coelestium. ;)

Aaaanyhow, she also wanted to spin around in the flowing skirt that she procured specifically for that purpose. And the skirt was selected perfectly for that. Very fluid and can-can like. Would have only been better with more wind under her sails, but we managed some cool film we both enjoyed. :)

The Quarry #3, 2009

The Quarry #2, 2009

The Quarry #1, 2009

The Quarry #5, 2009

Always a treat to work with Lizzz. Her enthusiasm knows no bounds, and sadly we don't hang out enough anymore. Which is pretty much my fault. And with results like these, I'm not sure why we don't.

Makeup by Missy Costa.
Skirt borrowed (ahem) for its twirlability.

Part 2 to follow later in week...


Mike Wood Photography

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