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Sunday, August 9, 2009

her little friend.

U-Turn, 2009

We were walking around the edge of a large overgrown field. In a break in the treeline leading to a lower pasture we found some snails. It had been raining so they were out n about a fair bit that day. This particular one was on the underside of a leaf. She was looking at it like it was eventually going to fall off. So she reached up and picked it off the leaf and held it by her fingers.

And then I suggested the photo.

"Do they bite? she asked

"Uh no..." I replied, fingers crossed. :)

And we put the lil guy back after. No harm to either human or beast. And now the snail has a tale to tell his buddies - as someone mentioned to me after seeing the photo on Flickr. No idea what it felt like. :)


Mike Wood Photography

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Mojo said...

And the snail's not telling, huh? Very unique shot.