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Monday, September 28, 2009

Andrew Heatherington On Assignment

Photographer Andrew Heatherington blogged a few days agoabout a week while on assignment for Marie Claire magazine shooting a feature. He posted a 6:30 video of the week in a series of stills set to music. 
If you follow the blog you will have seen some of the behind the scenes pics from this particular gig before as I posted them during my travels, although I never alluded to the client or assignment specifics. As with any gig of this nature there is always a multitude of variables that can work for and against your favor. This one was no different; between last minute changes in scheduling, limiting locations, time constraints, weather, bureaucracy, traffic, baggage delays, bad food etc etc. But I love it all and I like nothing more then the challenge of being on the road, the good and the bad.

I will admit I really don't like flying - the air pressure changes hurt as much as the whole crashing thing bothering me. And couldnt imagine doing that 4-5 times in one week, but at one time not too long ago, that lifestyle was what I craved.

And maybe still do a bit. I'm just more realistic now.


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