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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Abandoned Knights

 Abandoned scores, #1

The long abandoned score board that hung above centre ice at the Ice House hockey rink here in London, Ontario. Built in 1964, the building was known as the London Gardens for thirty years until it was re-branded as The Ice House by new owners in 1994. In it's time, the building played host to KISS three times, Van Halen, AC/DC, and  Johnny Cash (and was where he proposed to June). For 15 mins in 1965, the Rolling Stones played too -before a riot broke out and the police canceled the rest of the show.  

  Abandoned scores, #2

Most notably, The Ice House/London Gardens was the home to the London Knights  Ontario Hockey Association team for about 37 years up to the point that their new home in downtown London - at the John Labatt Centre, was completed in 2002.

The last score board to be used there (there were no LEDs and circuit boards in 1964) now sits alone in a partially fenced in area behind the building. I wonder how many goals, penalties, and periods the sign tracked before it went dark one last time? 

Abandoned Scores, #3

The only action it follows now are the glacial races of it's mollusk inhabitants. Proof that slow and steady wins in the end after all.


Mike Wood Photography


Mojo said...

Slow and steady wins at the ultimate game, but it never won a hockey game.

We've got a former Knight making some noise down here in Carolina. A D-man named Bryan Rodney. He got called up to the big club a couple of times last season and did a pretty respectable job. Shows a lot of promise, especially with his first-pass-out-of-the-zone skillz.

Love these shots.

bruce said...

totally cool!

Karen S. said...

This is really awesome...the angles and the colors of the lighting...very nice detail of the past too....what amazing people roamed within the walls!

Steve Gravano said...

Nice photos and history.

Bob Scotney said...

Some many places have disappeared; good pics to illustrate the story.

me said...

Player Penalty, reminds me of all the great times I had at the Boston Garden (the original) . The look, feel, smell of the nose bleed sections. Watching the fights break out on the ice, or next to me. These new buildings just don’t have the same soul. Thanks for sharing yours.

Max said...

Great pictures, and love the history that goes along. thanks!

Carmi said...

This is beyond cool, Mike. What a find!

Funny how the high-tech 'board that now festoons the JLC will probably never merit similar exploration. said...

like it, especially the snails.

Alexia said...

very cool - awesome shots!

mmp said...

oh my
liking the opportunity grasped
a lot