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Monday, October 12, 2009

Holiday photo tradition

 Self portrait, Thanksgiving, 2009

Being single I don't do turkeys n big feasts. Instead, I seem to have got into taking self portraits on holidays.  This is one of the shots from today. It was taken in the large bay window of the apartment I am leaving this month when I move to St Thomas. There was a big tree in the way before, and with it gone, it really became some great light to try to use.

Of course the whole rediculameness of shooting a couple of frames and running back to the camera and checking results and repeating got old pretty fast, but I got a few I liked. Aside from some minor cloning in PS this was done in Lightroom with a free preset I found online. I am not really as fair skinned as some of the women who have modeled for me. :)


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