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Monday, April 5, 2010

Dreadnought Jaclyn

 Dreadnought #1

This was the first set of creatives I have done in a very very long time. It was back in the end of February, a biting cold out, probably only about zero C, but it felt a lot colder on the hands without the sun. I was Jaclyn's last stop on her trip South, and we shot for about 45 minutes or so before packing it in. We got some food at Harry's Char Broiled and spent more time catching up than shooting I think. Then with Cartman being her Tom Tom co-pilot, she headed back home. 

One thing I noticed doing the post work: I am rusty. I missed obvious things. Some basic attention to detail items I don't usually overlook when shooting I didn't catch this time. Some was related to it being cold and rushing a bit. More being out of practice. And none related to Jaclyn. I really wonder if I will fully get back in the groove or not. ** Edit: I wrote that back in March and I have shot a couple more times since then and it is slowly coming back to me...

Having said that, I really like the images and wouldn't do much different. Working in colour, which I don't do often, was interesting. Besides, Jaclyn's dreds - that she made herself - required the colour for the most part.

Dreadnought #2

Dreadnought #3

Dreadnought V

This was also my 400th post on my blog since July of 07.


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