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Friday, May 21, 2010

Dark clouds

Light after the Dark #1

There were some quick moving black clouds around 6pm today going from West to East. After they passed, I noticed that the sun had come back out and provided some great lighting with a dark backdrop of receding clouds. I set my book aside and went out to quickly shoot a few pics out of town. I figure I had about 20 mins of good light in all. I kept chasing the heavy cloud line to keep the backdrop as distinct as possible while trying to match it up with something that could be lit up in the setting sun.  In a shot period of time it was  all over and the light became less distinct. Was cool while it lasted though.

Light after the Dark #2

Light after the Dark #3

Light after the Dark #4


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Jasmine said...

I really like #3 and #4. Imagine a big tornado coming through on the right side of #3 - that would look pretty cool :)