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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lizzz on her chair

On Her Chair #1

Visited with Miss Lizzz, hung out for a while and shot some photos on her balcony late one evening before dusk. Higher ISO and just having some fun. With the absence of pants. She thought that doing a couple of these in black and white would be good. but I decided that colour worked quite well for this series so I kept it consistent throughout. Might be a second bunch, but it got too dark and the second idea we had would have worked better with a tripod which I didn't have with me.

On Her Chair #2

On Her Chair #3

On Her Chair #4

On Her Chair #5

On Her Chair #6

On Her Chair #7

On Her Chair #8

On Her Chair #9

At Her Railing #1

At Her Railing #2

At Her Railing #3

Dark Hoodie #1

Dark Hoodie #2

Dark Hoodie #3


Britney said...

I love the one of her leaning on the balcony

Carmi said...

Awesome choice for the seated theme, Mike! I can see why you chose the balcony for this shoot, as it's such a great place to just go, reflect, and be. And, of course, you managed to capture the spirit of this place - and of her - through your lens.

Aunt Snow said...

Great choice. I love the chair stripes and her stripes together. The color is great.

me said...

I love how the shadows make the stripes "pop". Now, can you make mere mortals look as good?

Bob Scotney said...

A great collection; even the texture of the ridged wall works with the stripes.

Anonymous said...

Perfect collection for this theme! Like Carmi said- you certainly captured her spirit and translated it beautifully with these photos.