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Monday, February 28, 2011

Nadine in a black dress

At the beginning of the month, Nadine and I were talking about how long it had been since the last time we did any formal photos and tossed around a few ideas for a photo shoot. A few days after that, on what turned out to be a very cold but sunny day, I photographed her in a snowy area wearing a classic little black dress and boots.

It was at times bitterly cold, and the rest of the time just really cold out. Nadine was awesome and stuck it out for the 30-40 mins we were shooting and didn't look cold in one image.

 The image above is probably one of my favourites of the shoot. Just something very relaxed, un-posed and Nadine about it.

I did have her wear her coat now and then as we wandered around between shots. I don't think it kept her much warmer, but I wasn't totally cruel.


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