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Monday, September 27, 2010

Sacrificial Ted

A few km after, and on a different country road from the pile of discarded music in the previous post, I pulled up to a T junction. I first saw the bear in the construction helmet and hunting vest lashed to a hydro pole to my left. I did a double take and shot some photos. Figuring that was it, I turned onto the main road and then saw smaller generic teddy bear number two. It was attached to the yellow traffic sign a bit past the intersection going the other way. Walking back, I finally saw the amputated baseball uniform wearing Barney with the cobwebby crotch. It was either some warning to stuffed animal collectors they were not wanted in the township, or an elaborate memorial to a car accident. Seemed it was quite extensive and seemed to be a lot of work. Can't blame em for stringing up Barney though.

I miss going for random ' what's down here?' exploring drives like this. First one in a long time.


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