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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Carl Sagan 'A Glorious Dawn' feat. Stephen Hawking

Today is the Second annual Carl Sagan Day apparently. So why not celebrate it with Carl auto tuned and featuring DJ Stephen Hawking. :)

Makes you wonder, when Carl Sagan and his team put together The Golden Record mounted on Voyager I and II, if he could have envisioned that video happening. :)

I almost met him when he did a lecture at U of T's Convocation Hall one evening in April 1985. After the lecture, he did a book signing and I made my way down from the upper tiers to get my copy of Cosmos signed - that I had brought along just for that purpose. When I was about a dozen people from the front of the line, he was told it was getting late and they had to end it. That was really disappointing to me, but it was awesome hearing him talk in person about the Drake Equation .

It would probably seem completely dated now, but I would love to see Cosmos on DVD.

*Video originally found on DC Debbie's Blog here.


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