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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Rusted and trackless TD-14A

An International Harvester TD-14A tractor, Serial Number 38704. It was abandoned long ago, and is now missing its engine and tracks.  Shot April, 2009 just inside a tree line on the edge of a field near London, ON.

The TD-14A was a diesel engined crawler tractor (so it had tank tracks) built by the International Harvester company from 1949 to 1955. From what I Googled, the serial number puts it's build to 1954.

Rusted and looking like it exploded somehow, this is likely the air cleaner cap assembly on the TD-14A. The engine was removed, but I think from Googling that this image is where the air cleaner cap would have roughly been  - front and to the left of the operator. My shot is looking at it from the left side of the tractor.

Close up of the left side drive sprocket on the same TD-14A. This is what would have driven the tracks on the tractor in the same way they would have on an armoured vehicle like a tank. This was also the only place where some of the original yellow body paint was still visible.


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