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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Spies like us

I read some formerly SECRET/NOFORN stuff Wikileaked over the weekend. While there is some fascinating stuff in there, it's likely no different than any other foreign government traffic. It's just that the US had theirs made public.

In university, back in the pre interwebs days, I occasionally read a bit of formerly classified stuff in my international relations and strategic studies courses: historical and 20th century UK US CDN etc. diplomatic, intel, and military files and communications. This wikileaks stuff, while it looks bad, really isn't new or anything that France, Russia, Japan, etc wouldn't have in their cables and communications. In fact, I imagine Russian or Chinese stuff would be a lot more frightening.

In one well publicized leak this weekend, US State is suggesting spying at the UN. D'uh. Thats a no brainer. Everyone does that. Any government worth their salt wouldn't think twice about snooping on their friends and neighbours. The ones with any strategic ambitions - like anyone in the G7 - most certainly do. It just hasn't been readily proven like this.

I hope no one ends up being put in harm's way over the leaks.


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