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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Miss Shirey at the South Pole

Some of you might have noticed recent tweets from me about Antarctica. Earlier today I saw a news post on this unlikely looking biofuel powered tri ski vehicle expedition reaching the South Pole yesterday. They didn't have any photos posted and so I started to look for tweeters down there who might have pics of it. I couldn't find any, but one person I did find is Katey Shirey, an American teacher from Washington-Lee High School in Arlington , Virginia. She is down there now participating in one of the summertime TREC education work visits to the polar regions. Her month long visit - which is nearly over, is to the Amundsen–Scott South Pole Station and in particular the IceCube Neutrino telescope located there. She is tweeting and posting journal entries - primarily for her students, that include some really interesting images and several videos from around the pole.

I recall when I first got on the interwebs in the mid 90s, the South pole folks actually had a web page where you could find what the weather was like out there. Now you can just Google it.  I even read in Wired I think at one point about the construction of the new station building, but I never really knew how big the newest Polar Station is till I saw these two videos she posted of her giving a walking tour of the station.

Oh and after watching her videos and seeing photos, the whole movie Whiteout with Kate Beckinsale seems so funny and riddled with inaccuracies. Which Katey pointed out  at one point.


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