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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Snow at night, long exposure delight?

It was the first heavy snow today. I thought of a couple of things to shoot and finally settled on this. A long exposure.  Over at Written Inc., Carmi's theme of the week is night images, so I thought I would combine the two and do one at night.

I borrowed the nearby pool that I shot Jaclyn in during the summer (here and here), and after a bit of experimenting, I ended up with an 85 second exposure on Bulb, triggered with remote, at f8.0, 24mm, manually focused before hand. To achieve the ghostly effect, I walked out and sat down after it had exposed for about 30 seconds, remained still, then quickly walked back out of the frame. This was my second take. Only light was from a weak street light.

The temp was -5C, wind chill -12C. Not overly cold, but cold enough that I was glad that I had those mittens that have finger holes to access camera controls. Touching the cold steel on the tripod was not pleasant. :)



Karen S. said...

Oh my gosh you cover a lot of stuff here....this is one of the few moments I love to see snow...really I love it in pictures or if we're by the fire but to live in it, and drive in it grrrr! This is a perfect night shot, and could be a scene out of some Hollywood story! lol

Mike Wood said...

Thanks Karen. :)

soartmodel said...


I am glad you include technical info about the images with your posts. Very inspiring-I might try some longer exposures now. This one is really desolate looking to me. Keep it up.


Carmi said...

Brilliant shot, Mike, but I am as ever even more intrigued by the process you use to capture it. No one walks us through as effectively as you.

Mike Wood said...

Thanks Carmi and Lisa. the process is good fun to play with. though more fun when not as cold. :)

Carmi said...

Ha! As long as you still have ten working fingers when you get back inside, you're good.