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Monday, January 31, 2011

the complexity in design

I think, perhaps, there are things around us that we take for granted. We don't see the detail in them as we hustle on by, or just use them as a tool or a means of getting from A to B.

This is a roughly Westward facing photo of the underneath of a century old rail trestle. I beams, and oxidized lattice girders from an era before powered flight, dusted with the weekend's fresh snow.

Someone drafted this bridge on large rolled out blueprints. Perhaps in Toronto. They designed iron framework to rest on concrete and stone bases. Each pair of support columns were built with hundreds of rivets, then they made another pair, then topped that section off with track bed and rails between them. Repeat that 20 or so times till the whole span is completed.

Only then can you see an artistic geometry revealed. A repetition of now rusty X's, V's and diamonds heading towards infinity. I wonder if the engineers and workers who built this structure ever took in it's symmetry, and appreciated it's form as well as it's function.

Sometimes being out of breath, and winded, after a long climb up a snowy embankment to shoot a particular perspective is worth it.


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Carmi said...

Totally worth it, Mike. What powerful geometry. Your effort to capture it makes it even more so.

Where's this trestle? Man, I need to get out more!