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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Replace Save with Invest

Snow dune, #1

"I think photographers need to drop the “donate” or “help save me” vocabulary that sounds like it was lifted from the Red Cross home page, and adopt terms like patronage, participation and guarantee. Let’s be perfectly honest here. None of us – not myself, not Johnson, not Towell nor Ludwig – are desperate for food, shelter or medical care. We live privileged lives compared with most of humanity. The simple truth is that we want to tell stories, and we’d like the people who are most interested in our work to get involved financially."
New funding models, Part V – Crowdfunding, The Good, The Bad and The Awkward « tomas van houtryve | journal (via photographsonthebrain)

So true. I am down on my luck right now, but in a 1st world sense. Not in a Pakistan flood, Haitian quake sense. I would most certainly like more people to be interested in my photography and to collaborate and invest and be involved financially with my success. But I don't want a parachute dropped CARE package. Well. Only a small one.



Carmi said...

If my CARE package contains two Nikon D3X bodies, one's for you.


Mike Wood said...

If you find yourself with one of them being a Canon you have a deal. :)