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Monday, March 21, 2011

Creative Live Posing and Lighting workshop

On the weekend I attended a three day photography workshop out of Seattle, WA. It was put on by the Creative Live folks. While it was a bit brain hurting sitting in front of a monitor for 7-8 hours a day on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, it was perhaps the most awesome photographic learning experience I have had in an incredibly long period of time. The last time was, in fact, also another Creative Live workshop with Jeremy Cowart - a photographer out of LA and Nashville. It was that one that made me sit up and take notice of Creative Live and what they offer.

This weekend's workshop was put on by Bambi Cantrell, a successful San Francisco based portrait and wedding photographer with about 35 years in the business. I had not heard of her before signing up for the session, and wasn't sure what to expect out of it as I don't do weddings. But she had a lot of Southern charm - which was interesting to get used to at first. :) And, most importantly, she had so, so much excellent information to impart. At times it was an overload even for an info junkie like me. Everyone in the Seattle class and in the online chat room felt the same way. :)

Fantastic advice on how to deal with tough clients, clients who want to undercut your prices, or want to do it their way. Exceptional tips on posing people of all ages, posing groups, and why some angles and poses work better than others and why some don't work at all. And her advice on lighting... Without equal. She shot nearly everything in natural light and the results were brilliant. If you understand light and what it can do and can't do for you, that is The key. I knew this, but she really drove it home with hands on examples.

Made me regret not buying - back in the day when I could afford it, the 70-200 IS Canon white lens, or even a nifty fifty 50mm f 1.8. I know a lot more now than five or six years ago, and even more so after this weekend having seen wide open shooting demonstrated so effectively.

If you ever get to see one of these workshops, clear your schedule to do it. It will probably be worth your while. Entire workshops are also available for paid download in HD video. Which I would suggest if you can't retain everything as it goes along. :)


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