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Friday, March 25, 2011

Lake Ice III

Last couple of images from the same day as the Lake Ice and Lake Ice II. The channel marker in the distance was the same one I shot Lizz at here and here a couple or three years ago. This time, it was completely covered in thick ice. With all the build up at the far end, it looked like it was the bow of a lake freighter plowing a furrow through heavy seas. To say that this was a slick surface to walk on would be an understatement. Shuffling across a hockey rink is one thing. Trying it on a wavy, warped, randomly sloping surface with a defined drop off is another.

In the foreground above, is the massive piece of ice visible in the first Lake Ice image. You can see how the wind and relentless wave and follow on ice pressure really pushed a couple of months worth of ice up and it into the corner made by the beach meeting the pier.

In the next two shots, I was standing on a similar thickness of ice close to the actual beach line. Probably about one and a half meters above the sand. If you could have seen the sand.

The thought of warm sand does have a bit of appeal right about now. :)


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